Best Women’s Shoes for Summer

November 29, 2018
December 3, 2018

Best Women’s Shoes for Summer

The Summer of 2018 is set to be legendary, and we can’t have you heading out into the heat without the best women’s shoes on the market. Our ladies’ footwear is designed to keep you looking good and feeling even better all day (and night) long. Take a look at our top picks below, and let us know which are your favourite!

The Ultimate Summer Solution: Swopflop

Have you ever loved a pair of shoes so much that you wished you had a different colour for every day of the week? Listen, we don’t want to get you too excited, but that dream is now a reality. Our Swopflop is the perfect flip-flop base which you can pair with a variety of coloured straps to get more bang for your buck than you ever imagined. Pair our comfortable slop base in taupe with your favourite coloured straps to create a new style that changes with your mood.

Swopflop Sandal Base

Summer Shoe String Thongs

Nothing screams Summer like skinny straps and beautiful detail. Dress them up or down, our genuine leather sandals are a Summer must have. The secure buckle allows you to walk freely without worry that you’ll send your slop flying, whilst the slender straps add a little detail to your look. Get yours today, you won’t be sorry.

Shoe String Sandals

Lemon Buckle Slides for Summer Vibes

This go-to style will carry you through Summer with pleasure. The raffia platform is complemented beautifully by the lemon-yellow strap, with beautiful buckle detail. In fact, the buckle is adjustable so that you can make sure your slides suit your feet perfectly, all day long, despite any swelling from the heat. We can’t get enough of this colour, too. You can get yours in a variety of colours, right here.

Leopard Slide Shoes

To-Die-For T-Bar High Heeled Sandals

These bold and beautiful shoes are perfect for a woman who means business, both in the workplace and on the dancefloor. The secure T-Bar design combines support with style, creating a versatile high heel that elevates your style. This shoe can be dressed up or dressed down, making it perfect for all of your Summer adventures.

Black High Heels

Thongs and Things for Summer Flings

We are here to answer your Summer thong needs: this classic genuine leather sandal is perfect for taking things easy or running around ticking off your to-do list this Summer. The elasticated side panels allow you to strut your stuff confidently, whilst the gorgeous gold textures keep you gleaming.

Gold Leather Sandals

High Fashion Wedge Lace-Ups

You are not ready for these shoes. No, you’re not! Okay, if you promise you won’t freak out, we will let you in on this season’s hottest pair of heels: the lace up wedges. We took inspiration from wedges, gladiators and peep toe heels and produced a stunning Summer lovechild that you will find to be absolutely sensational. Skip the pain of heels and add the glam of lace-ups and you will take the season by storm.

Cream Wedge Heels

For more summer inspiration, we suggest you head to our blog and take a look at our favourite styles for your favourite season. Contact us with any queries you may have, and we will help you look fabulous all season long.