Reporting for Duty: Work Shoes for Busy Women

March 28, 2019
April 1, 2019

Reporting for Duty: Work Shoes for Busy Women

A good pair of work shoes can change a woman’s entire day. Wearing the same pair of shoes all day is necessary in most professions, and so you need them to be comfortable, well-fitting and long-lasting too. We have curated a list of our most versatile and comfortable work shoes to elevate your outfit and keep you comfortable all day long. Busy working women need not worry!

Wider Fit Mid Heel Court Shoes

We wanted to start off with a very approachable shoes that we think might appeal to most women! With a mid-heel and secure pump shape, this workplace staple is perfect for pencil skirts and shift dresses, and everything in between. This pair is actually suited to wider feet as well, supporting the foot with ease and all-day comfort.

Woman Wearing Navy Heels

Low Heel Court Shoes

Next up is the mid heel court’s little sister! The lower heel of this classic pair supports a sturdier stance, perfect for those women who either don’t need additional height, or feel their look is suitably elevated already! These elegant and classic shoes are a must-have for any working wardrobe.

Woman Wearing Brown Shoes

Pointed Mid Heel Court Shoes

Looking for something a little bolder? Take your look to the next level with these heeled court shoes! The 8.5cm heel elevates your outfit perfectly, elongating the leg and adding some sass to your stride. The subtly pointed toes add a level of haute couture that cannot be denied.

Woman Wearing Black Heels

Classic Court Shoes

No heel needed: these classic court shoes are the perfect way of taking your pumps into the professional environment. With seamless detailing and impeccable colour, these court shoes are ideal for the workplace. The super-subtle heel adds that satisfying clack to your gate, without actually lifting you too high from the ground.

Woman Wearing Beige Shoes

Sling Back High Heels

Not for the faint hearted! This sassy slingback heel can only be commanded by a fearless woman. Take this sassy shoe into the workplace with professional patent leather finishes and a poised heel of 9cm. Keep your head held high and enjoy the energy that comes with wearing a great outfit, with all the right accessories – or as we like to call them, styling essentials!

Woman Wearing Black Heels

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