#ShoeGoals: How to Store Summer Sandals

21 December 2016 Newsletter
December 21, 2016
27 December 2016 Newsletter
December 27, 2016

#ShoeGoals: How to Store Summer Sandals

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The change of seasons means a change of shoes – goodbye to winter boots and hello summer sandals! But – now that you’ve fished them out from deepest, darkest recesses of your wardrobe – last year’s sparkly summer sandals are looking decidedly lacklustre! Not the way to treat your gorgeous Froggie shoes, ladies! In 2017, make sorting out your shoes a real new year’s resolution! Here’s how to store your shoes between seasons…

Sort Your Shoes

Go on, admit it – you’ve got a pile of summer shoes lurking at the back of your closet that you’ve never worn! While many of us have shoe hoarder tendencies, here’s the thing – if you didn’t wear them last summer, the chances are slim that you’ll be wearing them this summer. Be ruthless – these shoes are the perfect candidates for a ‘donate to charity’ box. By clearing out what you don’t wear, you’re not only increasing your shoe storage space, but putting shoes on the feet of someone less fortunate than you.

Clean Before Storing

This one’s for the girls who put their shoes away before cleaning them first – how well your shoes survive the winter, depends on the condition they’re in when you put them into storage! Sandals soiled with food, dirt or moisture and then thrown into a box or closet for months at a time will mould, leaving hard-to-remove white spots. Always let your shoes dry before storing, and consider cleaning them with professional shoe care products, first!

Sandal Storage Solutions

You may think your sandals will safely make it through the winter in a cardboard box, but think again! Moisture can penetrate cardboard, which promotes the development of mildew, which, in turn, attracts unwanted creepy-crawlies keen on the damp. Rather head down to your local DIY store, and buy airtight plastic containers. To stack shoes, place the heaviest items on the bottom row, and wrap with tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent damage.

Store Sandals in Style

You have to wear that snazzy pair of printed wedges, but where the devil are they? To prevent a frenzied scrummage through dozens of pairs of shoes – when you only have five minutes to find that coveted pair – consider sorting your shoes into shoe types. Separate wedge sandals from your flats, and label each storage unit with a description of its contents – for example, ‘flat thong, green’ or ‘wedge strap, nude’.
And here’s a stylish sandal solution – turn your storage into a bedroom feature, by artistically displaying summer shoes on an old book shelf. This way, your leather shoes can breathe, and they’re easily accessible should you need to grab a nice pair of sandals in a hurry.

Fresh Shoe Storage

Who remembers that smell of mothballs from grandma’s closet? Not the fragrance for stylish Froggie Sole Girls, thank you! Rather keep stored shoes fresh by adding a sprig or two of lavender to each storage box. Another fresh-smelling idea is cedar blocks, which naturally repel fish moths, and are completely non-toxic.

Froggie Shoes Love to be Worn!

A pair of genuine leather Froggie shoes is an investment, so it makes sense to treat ‘em right! Read more about how to care for your leather shoes over here.