If the (South African) Shoe Fits, Wear It!

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November 4, 2016
10 November 2016 Newsletter
November 10, 2016

If the (South African) Shoe Fits, Wear It!

Did you know that Froggie Shoes are especially designed and crafted to fit the South African woman’s foot? We were pleased to partner with a podiatry research project conducted by the University of Johannesburg which set out to discover different foot profiles in the South African population and to determine how many women in our population, as a whole, fit these profiles.

Up until now, measurements used in the footwear industry, as well as the lasts (wooden models) on which shoes are crafted, are based on British colonial-era standards which, over the years, have been adapted to assume an average fit for the South African population.

What Makes Froggie Shoes Special?

Prior to this study, no three-dimensional measurement data on the South African female foot, that was statistically representative of all major ethnic groups in our country, existed. The study was borne out of other research which showed that up to 80% of South African women reported foot pathology, a result of ill-fitting footwear.

In addition to the academic knowledge, the study produced the first national database of 3-D measurements of a female population on the African continent. But that’s not all – using information from this study, we’ve been able to develop our footwear to better fit the profile of the average South African woman – so we mean it when we say our shoes are special!

We continue to work closely with a leading podiatrist to ensure best fit, and our comfort features like Flex Technology, gel padding and under-foot foam, make our shoes a dream to wear! Then there’s the leathers we use – genuine leather, of course, and locally sourced, which we put through a tumbling process to make them even more comfortable and ‘wear-friendly’.

As if that weren’t enough, Froggie Shoes are durable and stylish. If you haven’t yet discovered what it is to wear Froggie Shoes, do yourself a favour…hop on over to our online store and treat your feet to a pair of real South African genuine leather shoes!


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