How to take care of leather shoes

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November 1, 2016
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November 4, 2016

How to take care of leather shoes

When it comes to footwear, there’s nothing better than wearing a pair of genuine leather shoes. Beautiful, durable and breathable, and lending a touch of class to any outfit, leather shoes are worthy of five-star treatment. With proper care, your favourite pair should comfortably see you through many years of wear – looking as fabulous as the day you first wore them! So, grab a leather care kit, as we show you how to show your shoes some TLC…

Keep your leather shoes clean

To keep that pair of beautiful punched slingback court shoes, platform shoes, or closed wedges looking gorgeous, make a habit of cleaning them after each wear. Using a shoe brush with bristles made from natural material, or a soft, clean cloth, wipe the shoes down to remove any dust or debris. This will stop dirt from settling into the shoe seams and help restore the leather’s natural shine. For shoes that are slightly muddy, a light spray of water and a quick rub with a soft cloth will do the trick.

Protect your leather shoes from water

The warmer weather calls for sandals, but it can be difficult to predict what Mother Nature has in store for the day. If you’re caught in a summer rainstorm in those sexy gladiator sandals or strappy T-bar high heels, do try to avoid stepping into puddles! Slightly damp or partially wet leather shoes should be allowed to dry out completely at room temperature before being packed away. Doing so will prevent your shoes from gathering mould and mildew, both of which love damp, dark places. To help dry out soaking wet leather shoes, stuff the insides with a small hand towel or paper towel to draw out the moisture. Once completely dry, clean and pack away.

Nourish your leather shoes

Being a natural material, there’s no need for harsh, abrasive shoe polishes. Similar to rich body creams that nourish our own skin, a cream conditioner that’s specifically designed for leather will gently nourish the shoes’ uppers and prevent them from looking creased, weathered or worn. Leather conditioners are creamier than polishes, and a small pea-sized amount on a soft cloth will go a long way in effectively penetrating the leather’s pores, without blocking them. Apply the conditioner, then buff gently into the shoe’s leather. Once the entire upper surface is covered, wipe gently to remove any excess cream, and leave for roughly ten minutes before buffing again. The conditioning cream will act as a protective barrier – resisting water penetration and keeping the leather supple. Another bonus – leather conditioner will fill and remove small scuff marks, as well.

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